Review Forest Secrets Skincare

Try Me Set £15.00 or about $25.00 for three 2 ml bottles.
iBright Serum
This serum is designed to help with uneven pigmentation.

"The Matsutake mushroom extract acts on the melanin in the skin top layers preventing its oxidation and the resultant darkening effects on your complexion for a natural and pleasant look."

I haven't experienced issues with uneven skin tone, but more so with freckles.

I used this daily until I ran out, and I didn't notice too much lightening of my freckles, but I enjoyed the overall texture, and feel of the product. I liked that it didn't feel oily on the skin.

I think I'd possibly need to use it longer to see results.

iRejuvenate Plus Elixir
This face oil contains anti-aging properties as well as anti-bacterial properties to help prevent  spots.

I can't speak to the anti-aging properties as my skin hasn't shown signs of aging (yet,) but I can attest to the anti-bacterial properties. 

I'm used to having the odd spot (or two,) but using this has really cut down on the amount of spots I get, as well as keeping my skin moisturized, and soft.

Because it's an oil, it takes longer to absorb, so I prefer to use it as an overnight treatment, but it can also be used during the day.

iRejuvenate Plus Serum
As mentioned previously, my skin has yet to show signs of aging, which means I can't properly review this product, but I will provide you with information from the website.

"Refreshing and velvety, this skin serum is the second element to the iRejuvenate Plus anti-ageing system. The serum helps to slow down destruction of collagen, providing plant based nutrients that can feed the skin to support its replenishment, and deliver the essential amino acids that the body needs to produce fresh collagen."

All of these products can be mixed together or used separately to suit your needs, and your skin type.

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Overall, for my skin type (dry/combo) I would most recommend the iRejuvenate Plus Elixir.