Review Fundamental Earth Fundamental Face Scrub

Fundamental Face Scrub $16.00 for 8 fl oz
This scrub has an invigorating mint scent. It's perfect for those mornings (or nights) that you're half asleep--You know the feeling.. right?

It has a decent amount of exfoliating beads, but is gentle enough to be used daily. It's more of a daily cleanser with slight exfoliating properties as it's not deeply exfoliating. 

I think this scrub would be amazing for oily skin! It cleanses the skin really well. For my dry/combo skin I found it somewhat drying, but as long as I use a good moisturizer afterwards it's not a problem.

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Overall, I would recommend this scrub for oily skin or normal-dry skin if you don't mind using a decent moisturizer after!