Review/Swatch Lip Ink

Trial Size Lip Kit $16.50 or free (more details on that below.)
If you trade in one of your previous long lasting lip colors they will recycle it at their local toxic waste site, and you'll get this trial kit for free! For more information on that visit

You can also get a free kit on your birthday if you call and register!

If you purchase the trial kit the Lip Ink is available in almost 60 shades, but if you choose to trade in your old lipstick you can choose between two shades, Sandwood (beige muted light brown) or Rosewood (brown-blue sheer pink.)
Swatched, Sandwood appears much lighter than it does on the lips. This is two layers of Sandwood with one layer of shine moisturizer on top.

First use the Off Towelette to clean, and exfoliate lips. Then rinse lips and pat dry.

Massage a small amount of the shine moisturizer into lips, and let absorb.

Apply Lip Ink to lips, and let dry about 10 seconds between coats. I usually do 2-3 coats.

Apply Shine Moisturizer over the top for glossy lips, if you prefer matte lips skip this step.

Though this is "semi permanent lip color" I've found that it comes off whenever I brush my teeth.

 I know toothpaste has been a long time tip from beauty gurus to remove lip stains, but I can't go that long without brushing my teeth--it would be a punishment to society.

The Lip Ink tingles A LOT when you first apply it, but the feeling stops after a while. Just something to note because I know some of you dislike that.

For more information about this brand or their products visit

Overall, I unfortunately can't recommend Lip Ink because it just didn't last on me, but I am curious to try some of their Eye Shadow Gels!