Review Made from Earth

Citrus Fresh Lip Balm $3.99
This lip balm is perfect for wearing under lipstick because it's not greasy or "slippery" feeling, but my lips still feel moisturized.

It's one of the more solid lip balms I own, and it's quite similar in texture to other beeswax based lip balms I've tried.

The scent is yummy, it smells like lemon candy to me!

Grapefruit Glycolic Wash (Scrub) $29.99 for 4 oz
This smells like a cross between grapefruit & lavender to me, which actually smells pretty good.

The exfoliating beads are gentle, and the formula feels moisturizing on the skin.

Once rinsed off my dry/combo skin was left a little dry, but still much less dry than it is with other cleansers/scrubs.

I think this scrub would be especially good for oily skin because it cleans the skin very well, but  doesn't strip it. 

It says on the bottle that it can be used 2-3 times per week.
Concerning the exfoliating properties, it's so gentle that it's difficult to tell how much exfoliating it actually does, but it contains a ton of exfoliating beads, and seems to do a pretty good job.

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Overall, I would recommend both products.