Review Reviva Labs (Makeup)

Eye Makeup Remover Gel $5.00
This makeup remover is okay. It does remove eye makeup pretty well, but leaves behind a slight residue which cotton tends to stick to so I end up having to pick bits of cotton off of my eyelid... fun stuff!

Vitamin E Oil Stick w/ SPF 15 $4.00
This is a great product to carry in your handbag because it's so versatile. It can be used just about anywhere! I personally prefer to use it on my lips, but I've also used it to moisturize under my eyes.

HypoAllergenic Mascara in Black $8.00
Above is after 2-3 coats on upper lashes, and a coat on bottom lashes.

I really like this mascara! It darkens lashes, separates, lengthens, and gives some curl/volume.

It doesn't leave lashes with that "crunchy" feeling. I also like that it isn't clumpy.

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Overall, I would recommend the Vitamin E Stick & the Mascara.