Review/Swatches Vapor Organic Beauty 2

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Mesmerize Eye Colors $18.00
Left to right

Flash, and Storm.

These will crease if you don't set them with an eye shadow.

For best results I'd suggest using a primer followed by a thin layer of the mesmerize eye color, and topped with a powder shadow.

Using this method I got about 6hrs wear before creasing. This will vary by how oily your eyelids are. 

These are on the sheer side so don't expect a dramatic appearance when using them. I think they work best as a base for layering.

Elixir Plumping Lip Glosses $22.00
Left to right

Honor, Vivid, and Beguile.

100% of proceeds from the sale of the shade Honor go to breast cancer research!

With a lot of plumping lip glosses you'll get that "tingling" feeling. With these you won't.

In fact, while wearing these I didn't feel anything. 

They're not sticky at all, and have medium pigmentation. 

They have a lovely orange juice type scent!

I can't say if they actually plumped my lips because as mentioned above I didn't feel anything, but when wearing them my lips did look fuller, though this could just be from the glossiness & shimmer.

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Overall, I'd recommend the lip glosses & the eye shadows if you don't mind having to set them.