Review/Swatches Erth Minerals

Eyeshadow $8.00 for 2 grams
Left to right

Rose, Truffle, Pink, Sun, and Loam.

Of the five shades I have, Pink and Sun are the most pigmented. I swatched these with primer underneath because Rose & Loam are very sheer.

They blend well, but I would definitely recommend using a primer because they blend a little too well & as mentioned above some of the shades are sheer.

Rose, Truffle & Loam, are great shades if you love softer, natural makeup.

Pink & Sun would be best suited for the brave! 

One thing I do want to note is that the website photos vary quite a lot from the actual color so that's something to keep in mind. 

Ebony Mascara $15.00
The above photo is after two coats of the mascara followed by curling the lashes, and yet another coat.

This mascara didn't really do anything for my lashes beyond making the tips black. (The tips of my eyelashes are blonde.)

You may like this mascara if you just want to tint your lashes, but it doesn't add any length, thickness, curl or volume, and if anything I felt it weighed down my lashes a little.

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Overall, I would recommend the eye shadows, but not the mascara.