Vintage Makeup - Powder Keg Compacts

Recently I've been searching for vintage makeup compacts, and I came across the Powder Keg Compacts website!

I got in touch with the owner, Jenn, and asked if she would be interested in working with my blog. She sent me these two gorgeous vintage makeup items to photograph & share with you ladies!
The compact is Avon, but I'm unsure what brand the lipstick is as it no longer has a label.

Jenn has been collecting vintage compacts for about ten years now, and began selling them online in 2010. Jenn also has a blog which you can read here.

What I really love about her website is that nothing is ridiculously priced-- I've seen vintage makeup sell for $100.00 & upwards. 

Almost all of the compacts currently on her website are under $20.00!

For those of you that are new to the vintage makeup world I'd like to mention that you should NEVER use old cosmetics.

Vintage makeup is about collecting. If you look at photos of makeup from 50 or more years ago you'll notice how intricate, detailed, and just plain gorgeous the packaging was.

However, you can still use these beautiful compacts! You'll need to remove any remaining product, and thoroughly sterilize the compact. 

After you've done the following you can go ahead, and insert your own powder, rouge, etc into the compact!