Review/Swatches Vapor Organic Beauty

Prices? Eyeliner $18.00, Lipsticks $22.00, Lip Gloss $20.00

Where can I find it? Vapor Organic's Website & b-glowing

What's included? Just the items themselves. Eyeliner includes a smudger at the end.

Overall rating
(Out of 5)

I'll start with the Mesmerize Eyeliner in Black
This is an eyeliner that you will either love or hate.

If you're looking for precise, smudge-proof liner you'll hate it.

If you're looking for a liner for a lighter, smudge-y look you'd like this.

I've tried a lot of eyeliners, and this one is one of the best if not the best in terms of application. It glides on effortlessly.

However, as I said above if you're not a fan of smudge-y liners you won't like this, especially if you rub your eyes a lot.

I like..

Good for lighter looks or smudge-y looks

Smooth application

Smudge tip

I dislike..

It's too smudge-able for my taste, but it depends what you're looking for in an eyeliner.

Next product(s) I'll be reviewing are the Siren Lipsticks
 Saucy (tomato coral shade) &
Tryst (universal neutral red)

Saucy is a shade I wouldn't usually wear. Normally, peach-y lipsticks look atrocious on me, but surprisingly I can pull off this shade. If other peach shades don't suit you this one may be worth a try.

I love Tryst! I think it's no secret that I love a good red, and well, this is a good red shade. I can see it working well on most skin tones (as the color description implies.)

I really like these lipsticks. They have good pigmentation, aren't drying, and I prefer the shape of these lipsticks to the classic lipstick shape.
As you can see they're closer to the shape of most lip balms. It makes application easier (in my opinion.)

I like..

Shape of lipsticks.




They do slightly have that "old" lipstick scent.

Lastly I'll be reviewing the Elixir Lip Gloss 
In the shade Sultry (sun kissed copper brown)

This has okay pigment for a lip gloss. It's not sheer, but not full coverage either. 

Again, this isn't a shade I'd normally go for, but I can actually pull it off (yes!!) It's actually really pretty.

Not sticky at all, and feels moisturizing.

I like..


Not sticky.



This too has that "old" lipstick smell with a fruity hint.

Overall, I'd recommend the Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, and if you're looking for a very smudge-y liner then I'd also recommend the Eyeliner.