Review/Swatch Trillium Organics

I was sent a few products from Trillium Organics to try. Below are my thoughts on the products.

Starting with the OG Body Body Polish in the Calming Lavender Geranium scent $7.98 for 4oz
I don't like this body scrub. For me it didn't do the best job of exfoliating, and it left a thick layer of oil behind. Yes, the oil did eventually absorb into my skin after a few hours, but I just didn't like the feeling. The oil separates from salt so you will need to mix it back together every time you use it.

OG Baby Really Fragrance Free Gentle Soap $5.98 for 1fl oz
I don't have a baby so I couldn't tell you how it works on baby skin, but I did try it for a few things. 

1. Washing makeup brushes. It got them clean, but left behind a little oil so I wouldn't use this for that purpose again. 
2. As a facial cleanser. Didn't work well for that purpose as my skin was left dry. 
3. As a body wash. My favorite use for this product! It seemed to clean the skin well without making it dry. 

This is fragrance free to the extent that it has no added scent, but it still does smell like the ingredients.. a smell I'm not crazy about.

OG Soul Perfume in the scent Love $17.98 for .33fl oz OR buy 2 get 1 free
 I really like this perfume!

Because it's in roller ball form it's very convenient to use, and perfect to throw in your purse. 

It leaked slightly in the shipping process, for that reason I would suggest keeping it in a separate plastic baggie if you want to keep it in your purse, just in case.

To me it just smells like roses & vanilla. Yummy combination!

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Overall I'd recommend the perfume, and gentle soap.