Review Skin Free

Starting with my favorite product of the two I have.

Antibacterial Foaming Soap in Pink Grapefruit 240ml for $6.99
I love this soap! I know love may be a strange word to use when talking about hand soap.. but this stuff is great! It smells nice, and isn't drying. I really like that it's foam instead of  traditional liquid soap.

This can be used without water (similar to hand sanitizer.) I've only used it with water because I'm paranoid about having left over soap on my hands. 

It has only natural ingredients so I'm sure if you wanted to use it without water you'd be fine.

Acai Scrub for Sparkling Skin 6oz for $17.99
This did an okay job at exfoliating, but my skin was still left dry after. 

I get the feeling this would work much better for someone with oily or normal skin. I have dry/combination skin for reference.

The smell of this reminds me of dry cat food, but I don't find it particularly bothersome. 

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Overall, I'd recommend the hand soap, and possibly the scrub if you have normal/oily skin.