Review/Swatches Votre Vu

SnapDragon Beauty Beverage 30 fl. oz for $26.00 (2 pack) OR $18.20 with brand ambassador. 
I drank 8oz of this daily for 4 days in a row, and I can't say I noticed any difference or felt any different, but it tastes pretty good, and smells amazing.

I will say that results will vary person to person.

 I already have a fairly healthy diet being vegetarian, and consuming fruits & vegetables daily. If you're not one to usually eat fruits then you're probably more likely to notice a difference.

Bébé Duette Luxe Lips, Luxe Lips Framboise & Hand Creme 2-Pack $39.50 OR $27.65 with brand ambassador.

Top swatch clear, bottom swatch tinted.

I think this is a really cool concept! A hand cream, and lip balm AND mirror in one? Yes!

The hand cream smells deliciously sweet, and is moisturizing without being too heavy. It is the kind of product you will need to reapply if you have quite dry hands.

The lip balms are nice. The clear seems to have a thicker, less glossy texture, and the tinted  one is thinner, and glossy. They're both fairly moisturizing, and light with no notable taste or scent.

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Overall, I'd recommend the hand creams.