Review Squid Balm

Squid Squeak Solid Shampoo Bar in Tangerine (light formula) 4 oz for $7.00
I really wanted to love this shampoo bar, but unfortunately it just didn't work for my hair.

It's recommend to use this followed by an apple cider/water mixture, and then followed by conditioner. I did so, but I found my hair just didn't have much body, and was quite piece-y though shiny. 

I think this is the kind of product that would work better for very dry or curly hair.

Squid Silk Sold Conditioner Bar in Unscented 1 oz for $7.00
Again, this just didn't really work for me. I think it was too rich for my hair. If you have dry hair this might be worth a try!

It can also be used for shaving, and it works well for that!

Lemon Drop Exfoliator Avocado Oil Soap 5 oz for $8.00
I really like this soap!

It lathers well, has lots of exfoliating particles, and doesn't dry out skin.

Gentle Oil Cleanser for Normal Skin 1 oz for $4.00
I can't really give the best review on this one as I'm not a fan of oil products. I don't like the feeling of oil on my skin. I suppose it's something you have to get used to.

This left behind an oily residue on my face which later absorbed. It's fairly good at breaking down makeup.

Squid Balm Solid Lotion Bar in Ruby Grapefruit 1 oz for $12.00
This smells delicious! 

This is quite waxy & thick so I prefer to apply a generous layer before bed. It absorbs before I get up, and leaves my skin soft.

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Overall, I'd recommend the Lemon Drop Soap, and Solid Lotion.