Review/Swatches Living Nature (Cosmetics)

Lipsticks in Laughter & Summer Rain $26.00 each
Left Laughter & right Summer Rain
Top swatch Laughter, bottom swatch Summer Rain.

I love the formulation. They're smooth, and creamy! Both have good pigment though, I wouldn't call them full coverage. 

They're like a lip balm, lipstick, and gloss all in one! These are some of my new favorite lipsticks.

Lip Pencil in Laughter $20.00
I can't say I've tried a ton of lip pencils, but I can say I like this one.

It has a dry formula, but when applied I don't find it to make dry patches on lips stand out, and it seems to last well. 

I would recommend using this over a thin layer of lip balm or topping it off with a gloss just to add some moisture.

Eye Pencil in Smoulder $20.00
I wasn't crazy about the formula. It's quite dry which makes it tedious to apply.

As for wear time it held up ok. At the end of the day it had worn off somewhat, and it's definitely not smudge-proof.

A little disappointing because I love the color!

Thickening Mascara in Blackened Brown $29.00
Unfortunately this mascara didn't work for my lashes. It weighed down my lashes, flaked, and wasn't buildable. 

I already have fairly thick lashes so I think this is the type of mascara that would work better for people with thin lashes as it does thicken.

Concealers in Light & Medium $30.00 each
Top swatch Medium, bottom swatch Light.

This has become my new everyday concealer! It sits better on my skin than any other concealer I own.

The texture is surprisingly thin, but still provides medium coverage. 

I have terribly dark, purple-toned under eye circles, and while this doesn't cover them 100% it definitely improves their appearance, and is buildable.

I'm usually a light to light-medium in concealers, and both of these shades worked well with my skin tone.

Gentle Makeup Remover $23.00 for 100ml
The directions on the back say to "Apply to warm damp cotton pad and gently wipe away all traces of makeup."

I tried this method, but It didn't work as well I had hoped so I also tried using it on a dry cotton pad, and that worked much better!

This isn't an oil based makeup remover so it's not as effective at breaking down makeup right away, but with a little effort it does work to remove makeup.

I really dislike my eyelids feeling oily so I'd still prefer this over any oily makeup remover.

I will note that the scent reminds me slightly of fertilizer, but it's not overly strong or obnoxious.

Overall, I'd recommend the lipsticks, lip pencil, concealers, and possibly the makeup remover.