Review Living Nature Skin Essentials to Vitalise Normal Skin Travel Set

Price? $79.00

Where can I find it? Living Nature's Website as well as Saffron Rouge

What's included? Cleanser, Toner, Day Cream all 1.7fl. oz or 50ml also includes samples of their Night Cream, and Firming Flax serum both 2ml as well as a case for travel.

(Out of 5)

Before I start the review I thought it would be helpful for me to share my skin type so you can get an idea of how these products worked for me, and may work for your skin!

My skin tends to be quite dry, but I still get breakouts. It's difficult finding a product that will get rid of the breakouts, but won't dry out my skin.

This set is a nice in-between for me. All of the products contain manuka honey which has antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, and also works as a humectant. 

After using these products daily for about 7 days (I did miss a day) my skin had finally started clearing up! - Please note that I don't have acne, just a few breakouts here & there.
I'll start with the vitalising cleanser. It's a cream cleanser which is very gentle, and helps to break down makeup.

It won't completely remove your makeup, but it does help to remove a good portion. I used it around my eyes, and it didn't irritate them! 

It doesn't strip your skin leaving it feel squeaky clean as most cleansers do. It took me a while to get used to because usually cleansers will leave my skin so much dryer, and stripped feeling.

I like..

Packaging -
 it's unique, and I like the flowers on all of the bottles.


Helps remove makeup.

Easily rinses off without leaving behind a ton of residue as some cleansers do.


You will have to get used to it.
Next, I'll be reviewing the Extra Hydrating Toning Gel.

The toning gel is meant to be used after the cleanser to repair dehydration, and restore skin's PH balance.

As the name implies it is a gel consistency, and reminds me a little bit of a makeup primer without the silicone feel.

You only need about a pea sized amount, a little goes a long way! 

I like..

Restore's PH balance.

Dries fast.

I dislike..

You have to be a little careful not to use too much.
Finally, I'll be reviewing the Nourishing Day Cream.

This is the last step. You apply it 30 seconds after the toning gel.

This is my favorite product out of the three! It's so moisturizing, and rich, but without being super greasy or thick feeling. It leaves skin feeling lovely! Not even just the face, but I've found it makes a great hand cream.

I like..

Pretty much everything about it!


The scent, it's not my favorite, but I don't find it bothersome either. 

Overall, I'd really recommend checking out this brand! If you're only looking to try one product I'd highly suggest the Day Cream!

I really like the Living Nature brand as a whole. They're a New Zealand based brand. I love that all of their products are natural, paraben free, and cruelty free. They only use the best ingredients, and our honest & upfront about everything they use.

Their customer service is fabulous! They really helped me figure out what was best for my skin, and made helpful suggestions.