AllCosmeticsWholesale (ACW) Rant

I recently ordered a few Balmshell Lip Glosses from AllCosmeticsWholesale. 

I finally receive my package, open it and one of the glosses I received was defective

I realize that ACW will often offer products that are un-boxed or defective, (which will always be mentioned in the description.)

 However, this was not marked in the description of the product whatsoever.  

So I email customer service just explaining the fault.

The reply I receive back is about their "return policy."

So basically what the woman was telling me is that I have to pay to send back a faulty product due to no fault of my own PLUS (I'm assuming, as it's stated on the website for returns) a 10% re-stocking fee.

I reply essentially saying that it's ridiculous, and the woman ignores my email.

I email again, and the woman gives me the same speech about their "return policy," and pretty much tells me that my complaint is not warranted because I received the product at a discounted price. Excuse me?

So because I didn't pay $20.00 for the lip gloss I deserve to get a faulty product as well as the hassle & cost of sending it back? No thank you.

At this point I'm fed up, but I kindly offer to pay for the cost of a new lip gloss if she would cover the shipping (which I shouldn't even have to because again, this mistake was in no way my fault as it was never listed as defective.) 

What reply do I get? NONE. 

Through the whole process the woman refused to take any ownership. 

Needless to say I will never order from ACW again.

You may be thinking "I've only heard good things about ACW, maybe this was a one off kind of thing?" I searched to see if others had this issue.

Several other complaints I've found..

If you do order from ACW, and have an issue prepare to deal with it and potentially eat the cost because the customer service is horrendous.

Also, don't expect to be valued as a customer because honestly, it sounds like the owner couldn't care less.