Review/Swatches Anastasia Beauty Express

Price? $39.50

Where can I find it? Anastasia's Website & Sephora

What's included? Brow wax cream, brow powder duo, eye shadow duo, eyebrow stencils, an angled brush, and a mirror inside the compact.


(Out of 5)

This is in the shade Brunette, the kit is also available in Blonde.
Left to right
Brow wax cream, lighter brow powder, darker brow powder, shimmery eye shadow, matte eye shadow.

The results..

Not filled in
With wax, lighter brow powder, another layer of wax and shimmery shadow
The stencil that fits my brows best is the "Petite Arch"

Before I received this kit my eyebrows were thicker. I decided to pluck/trim them to better fit the shape of the stencil just to see how they'd turn out.

I'm fairly happy with the results.

I love the brow wax cream, it really makes the shape of your brows stand out, and tames them without making them stiff.

The brow powders have nice pigmentation. 

The matte eye shadow isn't as pigmented as the shimmery one, but both eye shadows have a nice, smooth texture.

The stencils make it really easy to shape and fill in brows. I have a few complaints about them one being that when you're filling in your brows you have to hold the stencil which can be tedious, and the second being that these stencils won't work if you have thick brows. They're not wide enough to fit the entire brow with thick eyebrows. The stencils bend easily so be careful with them.

The brush is pretty good, I like that it's synthetic & sparkly light pink! (the inside of the kit is also sparkly.) The brush is functional, but I prefer to use a different, softer brush for the wax.

I love how compact the palette is, and that it has a mirror inside as well as directions inside. (In both English & Spanish.) 

I'm glad that Anastasia are proud to flaunt their cruelty free stance!
(Back of the cardboard sleeve which the kit comes in.)

Overall I really like this, and I recommend it. I'm ecstatic that I finally got to try something from Anastasia! I do wish Anastasia products were more affordable, but you get a fair amount of product/items in this kit, and the attention to detail is great.