Review Doctor T's Supergoop! SPF 30+ Everyday Face & Body Moisturizers

Prices? $14.00 for the tube, and $19.50 for the spray.  You can purchase the tube version for only $12.00 at Sephora

Where can I find it? Supergoop's Website, and Sephora

What's included? Just the products themselves.


(Out of 5)
The last time I did a sunscreen review some of you were interested in the ingredients, so I've taken a photo of the ingredient labels.
Click to enlarge.

I read the ingredients for both, and it appears they're the exact same product, just different packaging so my review goes for either/both products.

What's the consistency like?
They're the average white cream.
Both fairly thin which I personally like. There's nothing worse than a thick, heavy sunscreen. Am I right? 

Are they actually waterproof? 
Of course I had to put this to the test, and I can tell you that yes, yes they are. I applied some to my arm, let it set, ran my arm under the tap, and dried it off. It's still on there, no goopy mess either.

Obviously I can't speak as to how it lasts under water e.g. swimming, or at the beach, but it passed my test.

What about the scent?
There really isn't much of any scent.

How well does it does it last in the heat?
I don't know about you, but I've noticed some sunscreens don't fair well at all in the heat. They'll wear off when combined with sweat, and create a disgusting sunscreen/sweat cocktail (You're welcome for the visual btw)

These stay on really well, and don't wear off with sweat, they protect awesomely. Haven't gotten sunburned using these!

Does it leave a white cast?
No, at least not on me anyway.

Does it provide a matte or dewy finish to the skin?
Definitely not matte. On initial application it will look very dewy, but once it's absorbed into the skin it wont look quite so dewy.

I will say that if you have oily skin I'm not sure if this would work as well for you, simply because it will make you look very dewy, possibly even greasy if you apply it more generously.

However, this wont be much of an issue if you apply a matte foundation/powder over the top.

I don't personally wear foundation so if It looks too dewy for my taste I just go over the top with translucent powder.

If you have very dry/flaky or mature skin, I would suggest using a moisturizer under this sunscreen just because it's not extremely moisturizing, but I think it will be moisturizing enough for every other skin type. 

Thoughts on the packaging?
The spray packaging is nice for the body, but I tried it on my face, and ended up with sunscreen in my hair, but hey, at least my hair was protected!

As far as the tube no real issues except for gravity, once you take off the cap, even without squeezing it product will come out. Just be careful.

Overall, I do recommend, especially if you're looking for a good waterproof sunscreen. I think $12.00 for the tube version is actually fairly reasonable.

Have any of you tried their Acaifusion Lip Balm? I'm dying to try it!