Review The Brush Guard Variety Pack

Price? $5.50

Where can I find it? The Brush Guard's Website, and Amazon 

What's included? A total of 6 brush guards in various sizes.


(Out of 5)
Here are the sizes included in the variety pack
Here's how it looks on my EcoTools Blush Brush, this is the second largest size
A better description of the product, and sizes
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As it says on the front of the package they can be used for traveling, storage, cleaning, and protection.

I've only used them for keeping the shape of my brushes after washing them, and they work very well for that purpose, especially with my EcoTools Blush Brush. I also like that they can be stood upside down while drying so all of the water comes out.

I can't say if my brushes dry faster with these because I don't stand around checking my brushes every 5 minutes, but they seem to dry in an average amount of time.

Overall I do like these. I don't think they're a necessity, but they're nice to have, and I think they're reasonably priced. If you're interested in purchasing them I suggest buying them from Amazon (which is what I did) because you'll get free shipping.