Review/Swatches Eve Organics

Prices? Eyeshadow $8.95 Liquid Lip Stick $15.95

Where can I find it? Eve Organics' Website

What's included? Just the items themselves. In the package they also include a booklet, and a small card about bad makeup ingredients such as parabens.

Eyeshadow rating

Liquid Lip Stick rating

(Out of 5)

First I'll be reviewing the 24K Gold Eyeshadow
Where to start?

Okay, I'll just say it, THIS IS GORGEOUS!


It's a pretty gold, but the amazingly gorgeous shimmer gives it some extra oomph!

I like the packaging, you don't often see eyeshadows with a brown lid (or at least I don't.) I prefer the sifter to most because the holes are smaller so too much product doesn't come out.

The only real "downside" with this is that it's not über pigmented. You won't get a solid gold color, but lots of shimmer which I personally love. 

Last I'll be reviewing the Bubblegum Liquid Lip Stick
This is very shimmery, possibly frosty?

I've taken swatch photos in different lighting so you can get an idea of how it looks catching the light & not catching the light.
Top swatch is the Bubblegum Liquid Lip Stick, and the bottom swatch is the 24K Gold Eyeshadow.

If any of your were wondering, it has a doe foot applicator. 

The texture is nice, it's not sticky or thick. It's moisturizing, and feels nice on the lips. It has a slight orange scent which I'm assuming is from the sweet orange oil it contains. Taste wise it pretty much tastes like normal lipstick.

I'm on the fence with the color, the color itself I like it's just with all the shimmer it can look frosty which I'm not a fan of.

My only complaint would be that it can go on a little streaky because it does have so much shimmer.

Overall I'd recommend the 24K Gold Eyeshadow, but not the Liquid Lip Stick, I do like it, but I don't think it's a must have.