Review - TOCCA Brigitte Candle

Price? $38.00 USD
Where can I find it? TOCCA's Website you can also find TOCCA products at Sephora

What's included? Just the candle itself, in a lovely box.


(Out of 5)

First off I just want to mention how gorgeous the packaging is!

This is Papaya & Ginger scented, I am usually not a fan of ginger in cooking/baking, however I love it in this candle, it really balances out the fruitiness of the papaya!

I think this is a fairly universal scent, everyone who I've had smell it loves it.

It has a burning time of approximately 60hrs, and a lead free wick.

The scent throw is good, the longest I've burnt it is an hour, I'm sure if you burnt it longer your whole house would smell amazing, and even when it's not lit it still makes any area smell fantastic.

I can't say enough how much I adore the way this candle smells, but you'll just have to smell it yourself! I've also tried their Giulietta perfume, I got a sample of it with a Sephora order, and it smells beautiful, I hope to get the full size!

Here is how the candle looks lit
Overall I would recommend, especially if you love candles, and want to treat yourself!