Review/Swatch Juice Beauty Organic Kisses Set

Price? $16.50 USD

Where can I find it? Juice Beauty's Website you can also find Juice Beauty products at Sephora

What's included? 4 Mini Reflecting Glosses


(out of 5)

This includes all 4 colors of the Reflecting Glosses, which are Champagne, Pink, Fig, and Guava.

Here are the swatches

Left to right Champagne, Pink, Fig, and Guava.

In daylight
Artificial light
These smell fantastic, to me they smell like oranges.

Initially I thought $16.50 was expensive for lip gloss, however once I did the math I realized that, that's under $4.25 per gloss, which is amazing!

I feel as though these are a cross between lip balm, lip gloss, and lipstick, they're moisturizing, glossy/shimmery, and not as sheer as some lip glosses, even once the gloss wears off there's still color left behind with the darker shades.

These are my new favorite lip glosses!


Beautiful colors

Juice Beauty don't test on animals


Not sticky






You can feel the shimmer on your lips, 
however it's very fine, and doesn't bother me.

I wish they came in more colors!

Overall I would recommend, these colors will work for all different skin tones, and who doesn't love the smell of oranges?