Gourmet Body Treats Review

Carrot Face Balm $28.00
"This soft balm is high in Vitamins A, C, E and herbal antioxidants to hydrate and repair skin damage. Perfect for all skin types. 3 in 1 product can be used as night moisturizer, makeup remover, under powder foundation as a primer."

This balm is absolutely wonderful for very dry skin like mine! Especially if you are recovering from a sun burn or suffering from dry, peeling skin. I love that it quickly absorbs, is non-greasy or thick, and feels light on the skin. I appreciate the minimal ingredients and that it doesn't have any added scent.

It also works great for removing eye makeup without any stinging!

Sugar and Spice Scrub $20.00 (available in a set with a Leave-In Conditioner)
"Our delicious Sugar and Spice Scrub helps to exfoliate and refresh dull, dry skin, while refining and smoothing the top layer of skin. This product helps protect and nourishe the skin with natural amounts of Vitamins A, D and E"

I use this scrub on both my face any my body! I use it on my face for a grittier, deeper exfoliation, and on my body twice a week just to keep my skin smooth, soft, and glowing. It has a great scent - sweet yet spicy! 

Gourmet Lip Glosses Melon, and Vixen $11.00 (each)
Swatches top Melon, bottom Vixen
"Our Gourmet Lip Gloss doubles as an intense lip treatment. Keep your lips soft all day while wearing your favorite shade. Added CoQ10 hydrates and repairs the delicate skin around the lips. The Gourmet Lip Gloss is high shine, long lasting, and ultra moisturizing. Sheer to matte color lasts for hours while the added moisturizers keep your lips soft and supple all day, even after removing your makeup"

These lip glosses are wonderful! They provide sheer color with a glossy shine, and feel great on the lips, super moisturizing and slick feeling, not at all sticky or thick.

Both colors are on the sheer side, but Melon can be built up to medium pigmentation. Both last as long as any other lip gloss, but even once the color and shine are gone my lips are left feeling soft and moisturized. 

A little more about Gourmet Body Treats, every product is 100% vegan, never tested on animals, and has no negative environmental impact.

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