Conscious Cosmetics 3-in-1 Lip Mix & Eye Shadow Mica Stacker Review

3-in-1 Lip Mix & Eye Shadow Mica Stacker in Golden Goddess #1
"Our 3-in-1 Lip Mix & Eye Shadow Mica Stackers provide you with the ingredients to create gorgeous lip colors and rich metallic dramatic eye shadows. 

The lip care mix is VEGAN and lip licking delicious, moisturizing, soothing, and protecting (SPF 4). The mix can be used on it’s own as a clear lip gloss, or can be mixed with the individual/combined micas, to create your own lip colors. 

If you desire a lot of color, add more mica, and if you wish to create a slightly sparking gloss, add less mica.  To use the micas as eyeshadows, you wet your brush or mix the mica with just a little water (one drop(!) in a teaspoon), to create completely non-toxic, super rich sparkling eye shadows! GREAT for Face & Body Painting."

These shades are super sparkly, and gorgeous! Above swatches are of the product used dry, but you can achieve an even bolder, metallic look by applying them with a damp brush. The included lip care mix is super moisturizing, and has a nice slightly minty scent. It's great to mix with the micas for a variety of looks! You can even mix a tiny amount of the gold shade to create a beautiful gloss with gold flecks.. super versatile set! I find these shadows last well on the lips as well as the eyes, and especially well when you use a primer underneath.

Overall, I would highly recommend giving these 3-in-1 Stackers a try! PS the lip care mix is Vegan.

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