SmileSciences Teeth Whitening Before & After!

Hey guys, I recently received the SmileSciences Teeth Whitening Kit in the Peppermint flavor, I loved using it, it's so easy and doesn't bother my sensitive teeth and gums. 
Here's what the kit included
Whitening Trays
Whitening Gel
On the Go Whitening Gel
Light to Activate the Gel
and Vitamin E swabs for sensitive gums

The kit was super easy to use, I boiled the trays for a few seconds then molded them to my teeth and cut off the tabs and excess, next I applied a small amount of whitening gel to the trays popped them in, and used the light for a few minutes to activate the gel. I left them on for 15 minutes at a time and used this three times, here are my results

Overall I see a huge improvement in how white my teeth are!

A few things about SmileSciences products
100% USA Made
Formulated to eliminate tooth sensitivity
FDA Registered
Cruelty free
Featured in Allure Magazine and in their beauty box
Featured on the hit TV Show "The Doctors"

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