Mountain Girl Soap Review

These soaps are from the Premium Line
Woodlands 4 oz $7.00 (Vegan)
"The majestic oak; low-branched, wide-spreading, gnarled, magnificent in size, probably hundreds of years old, dots the foothills and rough hilly country. Their canopies overlap allowing rays of sunlight to reach the varied under-story of plants and shrubs.

Like the many flavors of the Oak Woodlands, this soap is one of the most pleasing blend of masculine scents around. Woody with basil and juniper accents, and a bit of sandalwood and patchouli. Manly and delicious."

While this scent is definitely manly I love it! If you are a girl that likes woodsy scents you would like this scent a lot. It reminds me of hiking in the spring.

California Poppy 4 oz $7.00 (Vegan)
"California poppy (Eschscholzia californica), the California state flower, is the inspiration for this soap. Picture poppies bursting into bloom blanketing hillsides in a vibrant sea of orange and yellow attracting a variety of bees and butterflies. Featuring real California Poppy seeds, this soap is mildly exfoliating."

This soap smells gorgeous! it's one of those scents that I can't get enough of.. it smells super girly! Floral without being overpowering, and almost a little fruity, and yes very much like Poppies. LOVE it, and yes I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Mountain Girl Soap comes out with more in this scent. ;)

Juniper Sage 4 oz $7.00 (Vegan)
"Juniperus californica, the California Juniper. A crisp, clean blend of evergreen juniper and aromatic sage that takes you across the State from Shasta County to Baja California, and from the inner Coast Ranges to the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. This brisk and sporty scent is very fresh and unisex."

Very clean scent, natural, reminds me of being outdoors on a breezy day in the woods! Great scent for guys or girls.

So how did I like these soaps? I thought they were great! Not only the scents but also the texture of the soaps, they lathered well without being drying, but also left my skin feeling clean with a light scent left behind. The mild exfoliating properties in the California Poppy soap were also great and left my skin feeling extra soft and supple!

Overall, I'd definitely suggest you give Mountain Girl Soaps a try! Especially the California Poppy Soap.

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