Logona Natural Body Care (Cosmetics) Review

Pressed Powder 01 Light Beige $25.00
Although this is a pressed powder it is very finely milled, and applies very smooth, and evenly helping to blur my pores. The color matches me pretty well I am usually a Light in most products and my skin has warm undertones. This powder does a great job of setting foundation as well as adding an extra layer of light coverage and doesn't over emphasize my dry spots!

Double Eyeliner Pencil 04 Steel Grey $15.00

Eyeliner Pencil 03 Granite $12.00
These pencils are all similar in texture, they are not super creamy liners, but still do have some creaminess to them though I'd consider them more of a waxy texture, these are best suited for more precise looks because they don't easily smudge which also makes them last all day and great for winged liner!

Liner Swatches - Top Duo in 04 Steel Grey, Bottom 03 Granite

Lipstick 08 Moonlight Rose $22.00
This lipstick has a thicker, waxier texture which means it lasts longer, and you can adjust how much moisture you want by how much lip balm you apply beforehand. It wears very well, even after eating there was still some color left just the cream finish wears off.

The texture of this lipstick reminds me a lot of using my mom's lipstick growing up. What I've noticed over the years is how a lot of brands now come out with lipsticks that are more so the texture of a lip balm or gloss which feels great, but doesn't last as well. I'm not a fan of super moisturizing lipsticks because they break down, lack intense color, and tend to fade off within half an hour. Also I've noticed many have an odd, oily taste.

Lipstick 08 Moonlight Rose Swatch
As you can see this lipstick has a cream finish, and it's medium coverage.

Double Lip Pencil 05 Ruby Red $20.00
This double lip pencil has a very creamy texture while maintaining great color payoff and a creamy sheen on the lips once applied. Both colors last well, but will need re-application if you eat or are talking a lot. I also love to use these under a long wear lipstick for an all day lip no touch up required!

Double Lip Pencil 05 Ruby Red Swatches

Overall, I really enjoyed trying this brand out! All of their products worked great, but I especially enjoyed the lip products.

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