EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper Review

EnvyDerm Lip Volumizing and Conditioning Plumper in Coco $23.00
Swatch of Coco (Clear Shimmer)
"Drench your lips in this revolutionary, irresistible, juicy gloss that range from sheer to semi sheer.
- With lip plumping properties that help restore youthful fullness, plumpness and volume day after day while producing a natural luminosity of colors that lasts and lasts without stickiness, it's fortified with over 13 organic moisturizing oils, vitamins, super fruit berries and powerful extracts to soothe, soften, condition and prevent dryness while providing maximum protection. 
- Peptides and Tripeptides treat your lips and boost collagen, thus enhancing your lips contour and volume instantly as well as longterm with 4 weeks of continued use."

This lip plumper is unlike any I have ever used before! It doesn't dry out my lips or highly irritate them like most I have tried. It does a wonderful job of plumping, as well as really moisturizing my lips, and I love the clear shade, Coco because I can wear it over or under any other lip product with no problem! I also enjoy the gentle tingle of this as opposed to some plumpers that actually sting.

Overall, if you're tired of lip plumpers irritating your lips I'd highly recommend giving this one a try!

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