Batty's Bath Soap Review

Oatmeal, Coconut Milk and Honey Soap $9.00
Wrapped Beautifully
"Don’t ignore your thirst… your thirst for a soap that delivers exactly what your dry, itchy skin demands- a soap that won’t steal your sunshine or skin natural moisture.  The Batty’s Bath Oatmeal, Coconut Milk & Honey Cold Pressed Soap is made to help parched skin find harmony once again. This soap won’t strip away your skins’ innate moisture like the drug store brands do, but it will wash away those dead skin cells with the gentle exfoliation of ground oats. Winter does a good enough job of robbing your skin of moisture, you don’t need a soap as its villainous sidekick.  It’s also the perfect soap to replace those nasty traditional shaving creams with. 

In a nutshell:

-Exfoliates dead skin with ground oats
-Won’t strip your skin, preventing further dryness
-Long lasting hard bar formula
-Gentle formula for sensitive skin"

For one, I love the scent of this soap! Very light, honey scent. This soap lathers well, and has some ground oats in it for a gentle exfoliation. I have very dry, sensitive skin which is also prone to itchiness after showering and especially after shaving-- I found this soap to be very mild and non-irritating and also worked wonderfully to replace my shaving cream!

Also worth nothing, this soap has Mild Anti-Bacterial properties, is Cruelty Free & Vegetarian.

Mini Gingerbread Man Soap $2.00
Cute Sticker Seal!
"Batty’s Bath Handmade Glycerin Soap bars draw moisture out of the air to benefit skin health. They cleanse without stripping or upsetting the delicate natural pH balance necessary for soft, healthy skin. And, since there are no heavy animal oils in any of Batty’s soaps, they rinse clean away and leave no soapy film behind."

How adorable is this soap? It has a ginger scent, and a metallic shine to it, though when you use it no glitter or anything is left on your skin. It is very gentle just like the Oatmeal, Coconut Milk, and Honey soap the only difference is the texture is a little bit creamier.

Also worth noting, this soap is Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan.

Overall I would recommend giving Batty's Bath products a try!

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