Diamond FX Face Paint Palette Review from FacePaint.com

 This palette includes 6 Essential Colors Yellow, Green, Black, White, Red and Purple it also includes one #3 Round Brush and one #2 Flat Brush. It is a refillable palette you can replace the paints with any 10 gram refill colors by Diamond FX. Here are some photos of the included brushes
And some swatches of the paints
Yellow - this shade is fairly opaque with only 2 coats.
Green - This shade is a little more sheer, but still opaque with 2 or 3 coats.
Black - Very opaque only one coat needed.
White - Very opaque only one coat needed.
Blue - A little sheer, but pretty blue shade and versatile color 3 coats needed to get an even application.
Red - Very opaque only one coat needed.

This palette is great for beginners it has all of your basic and essential shades, and with 10 grams of product you will have enough to do several paints, and allows for a lot of practice. The included brushes are great quality, and very handy.

Diamond FX paints are some of the best you can get, they are very opaque (for the most part) as well as very buildable, and creamy. These paints last extremely well when it comes to heat, they do not melt and they stay on well even on sweating kiddos they hold up, yet are still easily washed off.

Overall, I would highly recommend this palette for beginners or even experts who are looking for a compact set of essential colors. I also recommend purchasing it from facepaint.com as they have a huge selection of Diamond FX as well as other brands as the best prices you'll find!

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