Suzy's Sparkles Glitter Gel Review from

Suzy's Sparkles Glitter Gel in Gold 1.2 oz $4.99
Suzy's Sparkles Glitter Gel is made using only cosmetic grade glitter, and has an aloe vera gel base. Unlike some glitter gels, cold weather does not affect or damage this product so you are safe to use, and order it in the winter season. This Glitter Gel is made in the USA!

This gel does not clog, product comes out very smoothly, and easily, the tip is soft and rounded so if I am applying it for a design such as dots or squggles or even a heart on a wiggly kiddo I have no issues with it "poking" them or hurting them. 

Here are some little samples of what you can do with the gel using it for designs with a thicker application.
I will also provide an example of a thinner application by squirting product on the back of my hand and applying a thin layer with a brush, later on in this post. 

There are a million ways to use these glitters, and hey, who doesn't love glitter? It sets well especially when applied thinly, and is the least irritating glitter I have used, it rinses off easily and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or my client's skin.

The price of this glitter is awesome especially for a product made in the USA, they also have sets which are an even better value. This size tube will last you a while, especially if just using it for accents.

Here is an example of a thicker application (dot accents) and a thinner layered look towards the inside of the eye.
Overall, I would highly recommend Suzy's Sparkles Glitter Gel!

If you are interested in these glitter gels website to get them is everything from this site always arrives in great condition, and their prices are amazing. Since Superstar is not an American brand this is the best US based site for them I've found. also carries additional brands, and face painting supplies.. even stencils!