Hello Fresh Review

Hello Fresh is a food delivery service every box includes fresh ingredients for 3 different recipes which can be enough for 2 servings per recipe or 4 servings for recipes. It is available in Classic Box (for omnivores) about $10.75 a meal and Veggie Box (for herbivores) about $9.08 a meal.

In the Classic Box (the one I kindly received) you generally get one chicken dish, one beef dish, and one veggie dish. 

Since I am a Veggie kind of girl I made the Spring Tortellini Gratin, and gave the meat dishes for family to try! Below are all of the ingredients included to prepare the dish as well as the ingredient list/photo, and the last photo is of my final result!
I absolutely loved this dish! It has become one of my all time favorites. It was fresh, full of flavor, and very filling.

As for the meat dishes I received, I got rave reviews from family for both the Steak Tagliata (they loved the sweet potato wedges!) and the Chicken Yakitori I was told the chicken was delicious especially the glaze, and the noodles were fantastic.

The quality of produce in my opinion was better than what I usually purchase at the grocery store! I was very impressed with how fresh the ingredients really were, it was as if I'd just gone to a farmer's market. 

Overall I would suggest giving this service a try!

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