Celsaderm Review

Clarifying Tea Serum 2 fl oz $32.50

"Amazingly weightless antioxidants and a specially selected blend of organic teas creates this silky serum to smooth and evenly hydrate skin and minimize wrinkles while leaving skin completely breathable."

This serum moisturizes without being heavy or greasy. I love the fact that it dries almost instantly, and doesn't leave behind residue yet still moisturizes my skin without breaking me out. I really enjoy using this serum!

C-Aloe Mist 4 fl oz $22.50
"Oily skin is here but NOT to stay. Mist away oily skin today with C-Aloe - a refreshingly light, tea tree-rich mist designed to target excessive oil producers beneath the skin. And the best part, C-Aloe packs the miracle working powers of vitamin C inside each mist to improve the look of fine lines and premature wrinkles."

Although this mist is for oily skin I still find it refreshing for my dry skin, and think it will be ideal for me in the humid summer months to refresh my skin! I also love the fact that it contains Vitamin C which is so beneficial for your skin.

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