DermOrganic Review

Skin Care Try Me Sampler $10.00
The Skin Care Sampler includes

Soapless Facial Cleanser, Hand & Body Moisture Lotion, and Facial Moisturizer
The Soapless Facial Cleanser is a great cleanser for those of us with any skin type, but especially dry, sensitive skin. This cleanser doesn't irritate my already sensitive skin & it's fragrance free so it doesn't sting around my eyes.

The Hand & Body Moisture Lotion contains Argan Oil and is also fragrance-free. It's a great lotion even in the summer because it won't leave you greasy.

The facial moisturizer is perfect for those of you with oily skin because it moisturizes without being heavy or oily as well being sheer and absorbing quickly (also fragrance free making it great for my sensitive skin!)

Hair Care Try Me Sampler $10.00
The Try Me Hair Care Sampler generally includes the Daily Conditiong Shampoo, Intensive Hair Repair Masque, and Argan Oil Treatment however, mine came with

Two of the Daily Conditioning Shampoos, and one Argan Oil
I absolutely love this shampoo so I can't complain! Both the shampoo & oil have a wonderful, fruity scent. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling smooth, not stripped and looking great. The Argan oil is a hair must have for anyone (even if you have oily hair) I apply it to the bottom 2/3 of my hair and it leaves my hair smoother, softer, and SO shiny! I have very long hair that reaches the bottom of my back so it's been challenging to find products that leave my hair looking as healthy and shiny as these do.

I would definitely recommend DermOrganic products, specifically the hair care because of the quality of ingredients as well as the great results I've achieved when using them. PS they're vegan!

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