Purple Prairie Botanicals Soaps Review

Patchouli Rose (sample size)
The patchouli definitely stands out, but you can still definitely pick up on the rose scent.

Minnesota Mint 4 oz $3.99
This soap smells a lot like toothpaste (which I love) I notice the peppermint more so, but I can smell the spearmint too.

Ginger Clove 4 oz $3.99
Absolutely love this scent! Gingery yet sweet, a very authentic scent.

Peppermint Oatmeal 4 oz $3.99
This soap smells just like peppermints & candy canes, great soap to use around the holidays to get into the holiday spirit.

These soaps exceeded my expectations, they lathered well, smelled wonderful & didn't dry out my skin. I could even use them while shaving! The scents such as peppermint oatmeal, and ginger clove also have mild exfoliating properties.

If you have dry, sensitive skin like me, I highly recommend giving these soaps a try!