Organoderm Review

Hand Sanitizer 8fl oz $9.00
"Organoderm's Hand Sanitizer kills 99% of all germs, viruses, mold and fungus on contact. Not only is it non-toxic to you while extremely effective to use but its unique combination of ingredients with moisturizers leaves a pleasant scent."

Love this hand sanitizer! It's less drying, and more gentle than others I've used. The scent is less strong than most sanitizers, and it doesn't leave hands feeling sticky which is what I don't like about a lot of hand sanitizers.

Natural Ogranic Raw Sugar Exfoliator 6fl oz $30.00
"Organoderm's Natural Organic Raw Sugar Exfoliator is a natural mixture of USDA certified organic raw sugar and olive oil. This unique blend provides resurfacing of rough areas while not drying. Experience a new freshness and glow to your face or body."

This exfoliator is gentle, and would be ideal for use multiple times a week. I prefer to use this on my body, but it can also be used on the face. This exfoliator contains sugar grains which melt into the skin during use, once rinsed off it leaves behind a moisturizing layer of oil.

Day Cream SPF 30+ 4 oz $38.00
"Organoderm's Day Cream with SPF 30+ sun protector is ideally suited for maximized hydration yet necessary protection from all elements. Unique blend of anti-oxidants which helps the skin produce healthier cells. Enriched with beech tree buds to moisturize, improve cell metabolism and the intracellular energy reserve."

Love this sunscreen! So natural, yet so effective. I live in a very sunny, hot, humid state so I'm always slathering on sunscreen like there's no tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised with how well this sunscreen worked, it kept my skin from getting sunburned, it was easy to apply, non-greasy & didn't cause me to break out. I think the packaging is great, it includes a little spatula so instead of dipping your fingers in, you can use the spatula, and prevent adding bacteria into the rest of the product with your fingers.

All of these products are organic & vegan!

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