Loving Pets Barksters Dog Treats Review

Barksters Brown Rice & Beef 5 oz $8.99
"Enjoy crunchy, delicious, guilt-free treat-giving with Barksters low fat, 12 calorie treats.

Why Brown Rice? Brown rice is a good source of dietary fiber which promotes digestive health and has been known to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Brown rice is also a good source of essential vitamins and minerals.

Why Beef? Beef is rich in protein and a good source of several vitamins and minerals which promote healthy teeth and bones. Beef adds the meat flavor that dogs crave and makes this healthy treat even more satisfying."

Suitable for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. 100% natural, wheat free, corn free, gluten free, soy free, glycerin free, low fat, easy to chew, made & tested in the USA. 
These treats are like the dog version of chips! They're easy to break apart unlike some dry treats, they're not hard & biscuit like, but more so puffed in texture. 

I was surprised by how well these went over with the dogs at the animal shelter since they're usually not too big on dry or crunchy treats, but they LOVED these! 

Overall, I recommend these treats for those of you looking for good dry treats for a finicky dog.

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