Unbreakoball Review

Original 6" Unbreakoball Dog Toy - Bright Orange $17.99 (on sale now!)
The Big Daddy 10" Unbreakoball Dog Toy - Bright Orange $28.99 (on sale now!)
Size comparison of the 10" and 6" balls
The Unbreakoball is made the United States from a nontoxic, high-density polyethylene plastic, and as the name implies, is virtually indestructible.

I love these for dogs who are destructive with toys such as tennis balls & stuffed toys which are easily ripped apart in minutes. These are perfect in a shelter environment because they can be easily rinsed off if they get muddy (a lot of times we have to dispose of muddy/ripped apart tennis balls) also because they're virtually indestructible, and will save you a ton of money in the long run.

These balls are very heavy duty, and well-made I was really impressed with the quality and weight of them.

If you have a dog who loves to rip apart balls & toys I suggest giving one of these a try! They're best suited for large breed dogs around 35-65lbs for the 6" and 70-95+ for the 10"

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