Shear Miracle Organics Pet Care Review

Organic Pet Pack $54.97
The Organic Pet Pack includes..

Happy Healthy Paws Pet Shampoo 8 fl oz
This shampoo is formulated with neem oil to kill fleas & ticks, and citronella to repel them.

So far I've only tried these products on dogs so these are my results when used on dogs. It has a herbal-citrus scent, lathers & rinses well. It leaves fur very shiny, and rids fur of dirt, and anything else that you don't want in your dog's coat.

I've found this shampoo leaves fur much shinier than other's I've tried & I like that it's organic and (apparently) so pure you can eat it!

Happy Healthy Paws Pet Conditioner 8 fl oz
This conditioner contains avocado oil, organic hempseed oil, organic shea butter, meadowfoam seed oil, jojoba esters, olive esters & more to conition & add shine to your pet's coat!

This is great for moisturizing your dog's fur, extra shine and for dogs with drier fur or dogs doggie dandruff & has a lavender slightly minty scent.

Happy Healthy Paws Deodorant Spray 4 fl oz
This spray contains lavender, tea tree, lemon & citronella to help prevent fleas & ticks.

I absolutely adore the scent of this spray! It has a blueberry-citrus scent. Sometimes even after a bath certain dogs may need an extra smell good boost so I love this for that, but also great to spray on yourself when going hiking or walking through tall grass to prevent fleas or ticks ending up on you! Great and fairly unique product (I haven't seen a lot of dog deodorants on the market.)

Overall, I suggest checking out these products for your pet, all of them are great. P.S. you save $5.00 when you purchase the pet pack as opposed to purchasing each of these products individually!

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