Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom EDP Review

I love how each Harvey Prince perfume has a unique story, here's Cherie Blossom's story "A handsome French man whispers "ma chérie" to his beloved. Her lips are a delicate red, and she smells of sweet cherries. She knows the power of her beauty. She is flawless. She is ageless. Notes of pink grapefruit dance down her neck--the scent of eternal youth. She is his dream."

Somei Sakura (Cherry Blossom)
Pink Grapefruit
Cool Musk

I absolutely adore this scent! Upon initial application it's very sweet & cherry-like, but once it dries down I pick up mostly on the vanilla, and musk & notice pink grapefruit in the background. The scent reminds me of cherry cola (a smell which I love) it's sweet without being sickly, feminine, a little rebellious, while still being delicate. It's noticeable without being overpowering.

This perfume has the perfect balance of strength & softness! One spray of this and I'm good to go. This is one of those perfumes that will get you a ton of compliments because of it's delicate yet alluring scent, and it is a truly unique combination. I would go on to say it's actually a fairly universal scent, no one who has smelled it on me has not liked it, in fact, with every whiff I pick up on a different note.

This is absolutely my new favorite perfume! There are few perfumes I actually like because I'm sensitive to most scents, but this one has a great balance, and overall just suits me really well.

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