Florere Stick Deodorant Review

Stick Deodorant 1.8 oz $9.99
This deodorant is gluten-free, aluminum-free, and Florere are 100% against animal testing.

This deodorant has a natural somewhat herbal, lavender scent which isn't overpowering & would be appropriate for both women and men since it's not a noticeable scent unless you're actually sniffing it.

The texture of this deodorant is initially similar to that of a beeswax lip balm, but once in contact with the skin it warms up, and melts into the skin making it more moisturizing than most deodorants. I've found that this deodorant keeps me fresher longer than the other natural deodorants I've tried out likely because it contains baking soda. 

I always wanted to try baking soda on its own as a natural alternative to deodorant & when I finally did I found it far too messy so this is a great alternative to just plain baking soda while still getting the benefits baking soda.

Overall, I recommend giving this deodorant a try if you're looking for something with longer lasting protection & btw this product is vegan!

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