Gourmet Body Treats Review

Luxe Mascara in Black 6g $29.00
This mascara is 100% natural, gluten free, and paraben free.

This is the perfect mascara if you love a dark, natural lash! I have naturally long eyelashes so what I normally look for in a mascara is something to darken my lashes, separate, and make them stand out while still looking natural-- this mascara fits the bill.

Although it's not waterproof it lasts well in hot & humid weather, is easy to remove, and does not flake off. 

Natural Eyeshadow Matte in Chiffon 5g $11.99
As with the mascara, this eyeshadow is 100% natural, gluten free, and paraben free.

Chiffon is a pretty, light skin tone shade which is great for no-makeup looks, mattifying lids, and also covering eyelid veins, and evening out eyelids. I love this as a base shade, but also on its own to cover eyelid veins, and brighten up eyes without looking like I'm wearing any makeup.

All GBT products are vegan!

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