Bubble & Bee Review

"Rude" Raspberry Certified Organic Lip Balm .15 oz $3.99

This lip balm has a great, slightly sweet raspberry scent. (love it!) It's thin in texture, moisturizes my lips well, and gives them a little shine. I much prefer this to other beeswax based lip balms because it's not waxy or hard, it glides on to the lips, and feels lovely.

My favorite aspect of this lip balm is the flavor, it has a sweet lemony flavor which reminds me of the flavored lip balms I'd use as a kid, but much better for me since it's organic & contains no "bad" stuff!

"Rude" Raspberry 100% Organic Lotion Stick .63 oz $7.95

Just like the lip balm, this has the same delicious raspberry scent. It's moisturizing, glides on easy, and melts into the skin.

I love to throw this in my bag & use it for touch-ups if I notice my skin getting dry throughout the day. It's also great for elbows, knees, and smoothing on to dry/irritated feet especially if you've been wearing uncomfortable shoes all day! 

Raspberry Lemonade Salt Scrub 8 oz $14.99

This is hands down the best body scrub I've ever used! It has a yummy raspberry lemonade scent which literally smells like a glass of raspberry lemonade--it's kind of amazing.

The unique aspect of this scrub is that it lathers like a soap as you exfoliate, I really love this feature because it helps me make sure I'm scrubbing everywhere evenly.

It does a wonderful job at exfoliating, it contains raspberry seeds as well as sea salt to smooth away dead skin cells. It leaves my sensitive skin baby soft & smooth without stripping it.

Holy grail body scrub right here, I absolutely recommend it if you're looking for an awesome body scrub! All of the products mentioned are made with natural & organic ingredients.

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