100% Pure Review

Creamy Nail Polish in First Love 0.5 fl oz $12.00
One coat of First Love
Two coats of First Love
I'd been on a hunt for the perfect opaque baby pink polish for a few years now and I finally found it!

In two coats this nail polish is completely opaque. It dries surprising fast, I've found I can do a second coat within 3-5 minutes of the first coat.

This nail polish doesn't have a strong, irritating scent like most polishes because it's free of  formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, and formaldehyde resin.

The only small downfall with this polish for me was the long, thin brush. I have short nails/small nail beds so I did have to get used to the brush, but if you have larger nail beds or longer nails this really won't be an issue for you. After the second or third time using this polish I was used to the brush, and found it easy to use.

This polish lasts 3 to 5 days on my nails with no topcoat (bearing in mind I'm constantly working with my hands.)

Fruit Pigmented Mascara in Black Tea 0.24 oz $21.00
One coat of mascara on upper lashes only
This has become my all time my favorite mascara!

I have naturally long lashes, and very sensitive eyes. Most mascara flake out into my eyes or make my eyes itch, but I didn't have either of those issues with this mascara-- it leaves my lashes soft, with a nice amount of length, and darkness.

I love how natural my lashes look when I use it,  in fact I can almost pass for wearing no mascara (although you can layer it for a more dramatic effect.)

According to the 100% Pure website it's waterproof, but for me it wasn't and was easy to remove/comes off when I wash my face or shower. 

I prefer mascara that washes off easily because of my sensitive eyes so this was actually a plus to me since I can't use most waterproof mascaras. I also love the scent of this mascara, it reminds me of raspberries!

Cabernet Grape Nourishing Body Cream 8 fl oz $17.00
I absolutely adore the scent of this body cream, it reminds me so much of grape candy! Yes, yet another favorite product from 100% Pure.

It has a texture thicker than most lotions, but not as thick as a body butter. It absorbs into the skin quickly, and directly after application makes skin feel softer, smoother, and smell delicious.

It doesn't make my super sensitive skin feel irritated, which is unfortunately a common issue for me, even if I use certain baby lotions my skin can get patchy and irritated.

From the website "Immediately hydrates, softens, and feeds skin with nutrients" I can say this is 100% accurate! My skin feels baby soft immediately after application.

Bunnies Chasing Carrots Clutch $35.00
Inside the clutch
Is this not the most adorable clutch you've ever seen?

To give you an idea of size & how much this clutch will hold..
Basically, it'll hold your entire daily makeup routine. It's bigger in person than it appears in photos, it holds everything I need and more!

It measures 8.5 inches by 4.5 inches & is cotton printed with non-toxic soy and vegetable inks.

Had to share the website description with you all "Sport this cute clutch that symbolizes fighting against animal testing to carry your makeup and any other items needed to take you through a day or through a trip."

Love it! This is a great message to share on a makeup bag, and is why I'm such a huge fan of the 100% Pure brand.

P.S. The Cabernet Grape Nourishing Body Cream is 100% vegan! Overall, I was extremely pleased with all of these products.

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