Tend Skin Review

Tend Skin Liquid 4 oz $20.00
Tend Skin Liquid has many uses including for razor burn, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, deodorant, foot deodorant, after facials, necktie redness, after waxing, and to remove ink from skin.

I used it for ingrown hairs & redness. I often get ingrown hairs on my underarm area as well as my legs.

I applied this on my underarm area 3 days in a row, and I was able to remove an ingrown hair which I previously couldn't get rid of for over a month! It also reduced redness after the first use.

This product worked gradually for me helping to soften the skin, and exfoliate it making it easier to get to those pesky ingrown hairs & remove them.

Refillable Roll-On System 2.5 oz $20.00
This is the same formula as the Tend Skin Liquid 4 oz just in a roll-on, travel friendly package which is refillable.

Once you've gotten rid of any razor burn or ingrown hairs you can gradually reduce use. Initially I applied it every night before bed, and also after shaving.

Tend Skin contains alcohol so there's a little tingling upon initial application, but nothing irritating, or uncomfortable.

Air Shave Gel 8 oz $16.00
The unique thing about this shave gel is that it doesn't dry out (and it's a cool blue color.)

I love to use this when I shave my legs. I only need about a nickel size amount (if not less) per leg. I don't have to worry about this gel washing off before I finish shaving like shaving cream does. 

I don't get any cuts or nicks when I use this shave gel, and it leaves my skin feeling smooth & silky.

All of these products work great for guys too!

You can find Tend Skin products online at http://www.tendskin.com/ or in stores using their store locator.

You can get a free sample of Tend Skin Liquid here, and of course all Tend Skin products are cruelty free!