Root Science Skincare Review

2 Week Skin Detox Kit (customizable) $45.00
Normally the 2 Week Skin Detox Kit will include a mask of your choice, but these products I was provided by Root Science to try out.

I told them my skin type (sensitive/dry combo) & the products I received to suit my skin type

RS Beauty Bar
RS Facial Scrub
Bare Defense Moisturizer

I'll start by talking about the RS Beauty Bar which is my favorite of the products
This bar lathers well, and provides a nice, creamy lather without stripping the skin.

It leaves my skin clean, smooth, and removes my makeup well. It's easy to rinse off & gentle on the skin. My absolute favorite cleanser!

RS Facial Scrub
This scrub has a minty/citrus herbal scent, and very fine exfoliating granules mixed with larger chunks of almond.

It exfoliates well, but is a little too harsh for my skin. I have extremely sensitive skin so this is typical for my skin's reaction to exfoliators.

I think this would work very well for those with normal or oily skin!

Bare Defense Moisturizer
This moisturizer is great! It's an oil rather than a cream. 

It absorbs into skin quickly, and keeps my very dry skin well hydrated, but not overly so.

I usually use two pumps of this after cleansing which is the perfect amount. It also hasn't had any negative effects on my skin like some moisturizers do.

Overall this system has done wonders for my skin & kept my skin glowing & clear! I was amazed by how well it kept my breakouts at bay.

All of these products are vegan!

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What are your skincare go tos?