Modern Minerals Makeup Brushes Review

Duo Fiber Skunk Brush $22.00
This brush was designed to be used for foundation, blush or bronzer.

It's very soft, but stiff enough to blend out any blush/bronzer lines it feels amazing on the skin-- like a teddy bear hugging your face (yes, you can quote me on that.)

 My favorite use for this brush is to blend out my cheek highlight & also for use with shimmery blushes because it distributes the shimmer more evenly than a traditional blush brush.

Duo Fiber Tapered Blending Brush $17.00
 This brush is perfect for blending out eyeshadow as well as applying a light sweep of shadow to the crease.

The bristles are so soft, but not flimsy. I've caught myself spending more time blending my eyeshadow since getting this brush because it feels so nice, especially in comparison to the coarse, natural bristle brushes I'd used in the past.

Duo Fiber Mini Round Brush $12.00
This brush is my favorite of the four I have. It's equally as soft, but with shorter bristles it's stiffer & more dense.

It's (in my opinion) the most multipurpose brush. It works well for applying highlight under your brows/inner corners of eyes as well as cheek highlight.

It can also be used to create the perfect outer v shape for eyeshadow, to blend eyeshadow/apply crease color, and to smudge out eyeliner.

Duo Fiber Angle Brush $15.00
This brush is perfect for applying eyeliner-- cream, gel or when used wet for powder eyeshadows as liner (which is my favorite use!)

It's also great for filling in brows. Soft, but stiff & dense.

The most surprising thing about these brushes is that since I've been using them they have not shed a single hair.

These brushes are vegan and can be purchased in a set for $60.00 which is a $6.00 savings if you were to purchase them individually.

I think these brushes would be the perfect gift for someone just starting to get into makeup because they're all the basic brushes you'd need, amazing quality, will last many years, they feel great, and the cherry on top--they don't shed.

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