Review Miss Stephanie's Potions

Vampire Repellent/Be Good Spray 4 oz for $9.99
How cute is the packaging, and description on the back? Adorable!

If you couldn't tell, these products are aimed at children, but perfectly fine for adults to use too. Kids can't have all the cute stuff to themselves!

Vampire Be Good is cherry scented. All of these products are naturally fragranced, (and vegan) the scent is spot on--it smells just like cherries!

Once dried the scent becomes a lot less noticeable, and smells more tart. This makes sense because I don't think most children would need to go around with strong perfume.

I believe the tartness may just be my body chemistry. Scents smell different on everyone.

Essence of Fairy Dust Fairy Attraction Spray 2 oz $6.99
Essence of Fairy Dust has a watermelon citrus scent. I mostly pick up on a sweet citrus scent, and a slightly bubblegum-ish scent, it's definitely very girly smelling.

I wanted to mention that while these scents are light, they can be built up to last longer by applying more.

Essence of Fairy Dust Bubble Bath & Body Wash $9.99 for 8 oz
This has the same scent as the Essence of Fairy Dust Fairy Attraction Spray.

As a bubble bath it makes lots of bubbles. As a body wash it cleanses the skin well, but is gentle, and leaves behind a light scent.

They even make stuffed animals of all of the characters. Look how cute Sage, the fairy is!
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Overall, I would recommend all three products!