Review Skinlove All Natural Skincare

Vanilla Lip Balm $5.00
I love the scent of this lip balm! It smells just like vanilla.

It's an oil based lip balm so it goes on the lips thinner, and shinier. It would be great for topping off lip stains though I like it on its own.

Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub $20.00 for 120ml
I wasn't a fan of the scent, I found it too strong, and prefer the vanilla scent of the lip balm much more.

It did an okay job of exfoliating, but left behind a thick layer of oil. I had to stir it before using as the oil had separated from the sugar.

Also, when I received this in the mail it had leaked all over everything! 

Relaxing Body Oil $15.00 for 50ml
This has a very herbal scent. It's thinner in texture than the oil in the body scrub. 

I actually really like using this as I would a lotion, but it can also be used in your bath water.

It leaves my skin moisturized, and because it's an oil it gives a dewy shine anywhere you apply it!
Something really cool about Skinlove is that you can design your own products, and choose the scent, oils etc that go in to it!

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Overall, I would recommend the Lip Balm & Body Oil.