Review Saaf Skincare

I will be including both UK & US prices for these products because Saaf is a UK based brand.

Pure Face Cleanser £25.95 (About $41.00) for 35g (1.23 oz)

Organic Face Cloths £9.50 (About $15.00) for a package of two.
The cleanser is unique because unlike most cleansers it's not a liquid, and it's not a cream.

It's a solid to oil type of consistency. 

This works best with the Saaf organic face cloths or some kind of face cloth since it is an oil it doesn't just rinse off with water like your typical cleanser.

The face cloths add an exfoliating element as well as removing excess cleanser. Even once I have gone over my face with the cloths there is still some oil from the cleanser left behind. 

I will note that the cloths can be a little rough. Something to consider if you have very sensitive skin.

Because I have dry skin I would need to lightly moisturize after using this product, but if you have oily or normal skin you can skip using a moisturizer!

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Overall, I would recommend both products as I feel they really go together.